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TheBiznesLab™ is a subsidiary of ThinkBiznes™, a 21st Century Business Consultancy Service and a member of UK Business Consortia, (BeMeLikeWe - a collaboration of new thinkers and business consultants working to an ethical code and common purpose goal of supporting entrepreneurs, business founders and business owners to build, scale or grow sustainable ventures.

Our mission is to continue providing value consistent with the needs of new and existing businesses from ideation through to growth - backed by effective strategies built on proven business model canvases, market knowledge and a thorough understanding of the disruptive global business landscapes. We apply proven actionable strategies and use effective collaborative tools that promotes good ethics, values & standards.

Our vision is to offer the best venture coaching experience that supports innovation and collaboration. We support all businesses, no matter the size or sector, their owners, first time entrepreneurs, founders and teams wherever they may be to access knowledge and insights based on new business thinking that hinges on creating better products & services around improved human-centric models through digital transformation.

Our Coaching Model is transformational. Built on an understanding of the changing business landscapes, the marketplace and changing consumer needs. This means while we support businesses from all sectors, we are fully focused on working with entrepreneurs and teams that are coachable and can demonstrate a willingness to adapt or even change course where necessary to adapt & apply new thinking to build better strategies for growth.

Our partners and us offer several service payment arrangements including daily consultancy fees or a mix of fees, retainer, equity or profit share - subject to negotiations and possible percentage payments upfront. This, however, may vary from business to business, scope and length of time we’re engaged for and frequency.

This proposal demonstrates our commitment through the work we are currently engaged in with several businesses and highly recommend you to consider this as a great opportunity to build a new partnership that can help you focus your business ideas through collaborative thinking and strategies around business modelling, product development, growth marketing and overall business strategy.

Approximate period of the entire programme is Three (3) to Six (6) Months.

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