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We focus on bringing clarity to Business Investments
insights that help you make better decisions.

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Venture Coaching

Whether you’re starting out or growing a business, we can help you avoid wasting time and money on stuff nobody wants, but rather, focus on innovating your business to build products and services that will have traction, get you in front of your customers and potential investors in rapid time.


Business Investments

We invest more than money from Pre-Seed through to Series A. In addition, you will have access to our network of Industry Mentors, Syndicates, Portfolio Investors and other professionals who can bring so much more than money to your company and business development process.


Growth Marketing

We focus on the key elements to align your sales and marketing strategy by developing a stronger value proposition based on your brands value to position your business. We also help you to make use of market data, underlying trends and insights to make better decisions to grow your business and create sustainability.

Is Your Business Ready for Funding?

TheBiznesLab™ is a catalyst for Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Business Founders to find new ways to source investment to take their companies to the next level. We are focused on helping Startups to source investment, access investor networks, benefit from venture coaching and business model development to bridge the gap from ideation to launch.

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We bring more than money

We’ll lead your pre-seed round with a 10% investment as we bring in a match for the total amount required in exchange for 10% cumulative equity ownership.

If you have already invested some of your own money or from family and friends, this is likely to be your first round of equity or profit share investment from a third party. So depending on where you are in your business build stage, whether in idea stage, product development, MVP, Early adoption or pre-revenue stage, this investment would have qualified your business and opens up a great opportunity for other investors who can anchor your round – if needed – and our most collaborative network of connected and experienced leaders who will provide you with guidance, support, mentorship and everything you will need to scale and grow.

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Our Approach

A Transparent pathway to Funding for Startups

Businesses are invited to submit an application via our website including their pitch deck. There are a number of critical questions we ask that are an important first step in our process. It allows us to get an overview of the business, people, products and services.

Once the form is submitted, we at TheBiznesLab™ receive a profile and a record of the application, allowing us to consider the details and determine it’s match to any of our portfolio categories. This automatically creates a record for our internal dealflow pipeline system. This will then be reviewed and the applicant notified if their application will be progressing to the next stage or not.

Once an application passes the Internal Review process, it will then be passed onto the funding board who will conduct a further review to determine it’s viability and strengths. This process is conducted by our team and the investors in our network. At this stage, members may require further information – deep diving into the business to review the model, opportunities and or identify where it might need strengthening to build a case for possible investment fit.

Successful applications that make it through to this stage will be notified and invited to meet the team (usually via a phone call). This meeting will be with a member of TheBiznesLab™ Team or partner. This meeting is usually to seek further clarification and answers to any questions arising from the internal and Investor Review process. It is also an opportunity to get to know more about the business from the Founders.

This is by no means the end of the interactive process. At this stage, any applicants making it through to the final stage is then invited to present their business to the Network of Investors, hosted by TheBiznesLab™ Team. This usually lasts for about an hour and it’s your opportunity to bring a number of investors to your project. There will be opportunities for a Q&A Session as well as following up with with Founders on any key areas that need further clarification. All applicants/founders will be contacted within seven days from their presentation and those that are unsuccessful will receive feedback to help them identify where things went wrong.

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Bridging The Gap

Closing The Deal

We’re a Venture Coaching Agency experienced in developing and building business models that can attract investment from pre-seed through to growth. Ultimately, as a Founder, you will already have a great business idea that can scale. After the presentation, and depending on the outcome, we make the first move to communicate out funding intent. You’ll get the nod if it’s a goer, then we’ll sign the term-sheet and get to business. In most cases, there might be a need to build a syndicate to invest alongside us and giving you a much greater chance of securing the full funding amount required.

Our Funding Timetable

Over the course of the year, we commit to a set of pre-seed funding projects at regular intervals. A call for application will be advertised through the appropriate channels and via our website, as such, we encourage you to stay connected and look out for funding, support and other opportunities to help you take your business to the next level.

We recognise how frustrating and time consuming the fundraising process can be and we want to remove as much friction as possible. We hope by being upfront and transparent with how our process works, this can be helpful in managing expectations. We strive as a team to get founders to a yes or a no as quickly and painlessly as possible so you can get on with the important part of building your business!

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