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Providing support, opportunities, investments and a viable route to market for Business Founders

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The Quantum Accelerator Programme

Become investor-ready in 100 days

We are the catalyst for Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Business Founders to find new ways to develop and build sustainable businesses, local economies and communities. The TheBiznesLab™ Quantum Programme is designed to accelerate your business from Idea to Market in 100 to 200 days.

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The Problem We’re Trying To Solve

Help Business Founders avoid wasting time and money on stuff nobody wants, but rather, focus on ideas to build products and services that will have traction, get you in front of your customers and potential investors in rapid time.

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Our Mission

We put our money where our mouth is

The Quantum® Accelerator Program is built around one core objective: to help you take your business to market with help and support to source investment on favorable terms suitable to you – within 100 days.

We bring more than money, we give you access to our network of industry professionals, leaders, disruptors and innovators – so whether it’s the tools you need to build traction and accelerate growth or an introduction to your next investor, we’ll put you on the right track with the right pace.

We invest time and money in ambitious founders and teams, helping and supporting them with business expertise, resources and access to find equity partners, other founders to fill their skills gap, ideas, product and business model development plus the necessary requirements to start and build their venture.

We understand what it’s like to start and scale businesses from ideas because we – and the 100+ founders we’ve coached and supported – have all been there.

We’ve produced a template and checklist to help guide you with your Investment pitch.

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Our Methodology

A Friction-less pathway to market for Startups

The Quantum® Accelerator Programme is designed to accelerate your business from Concept to Launch in 6 months, structured to develop, test, and grow new business ideas outside of the standard business ideation and organisational processes, structures and staggered deliverables.

It is intensive, highly-structured sprint coaching sessions staged through the build innovation cycles. Here, teams deep dive into specific topics by prototyping, testing, and validating with live feedback.

It also provides a unique opportunity for founders to learn from each other, share, and collaborate on even terms. Through this process, we hope to make smart introductions with unfettered access to collaborations, feedback and our blueprint of tried and tested strategies you can apply to your business.

With regular events, effective networks and support systems, our founder community will be one of your greatest assets.

Our coaching methodology has so far, helped several hundred entrepreneurs and the accelerator programme has been scaled to help hundreds and thousands more with a modest estimated combined investment of $500ml by 2025.

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Our Network

We are optimists who love to work together

Most accelerators and business incubators have been built around Technology and FinTech Startups, leaving behind many industries rife for disruption and innovation.

We are on a mission to enable as many entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs as possible, to change the way they think, act and see the world around them to be empowered to focus on areas and industries within which they can positively impact by bringing new innovative ways to do things and build businesses that can make a difference and profits.

We have a vast network of investors with portfolios spanning 30 sectors and what’s more, our parent company offers one of the best mentor and expert networks in business coaching and investment. We can connect you with nearly every corporate sector in the UK and Europe and have over 100+ investors in our network.

When we say we’ll help you get funded, we’re serious about our business…!

We will be the catalyst for these entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to find new ways to develop their business, local economies and communities.

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Pitch Deck

Want to know what it takes to catch the attention of potential investors?

when you’re getting ready to close the deal and secure much needed capital, you need to be present in the moment and it helps knowing what it takes to catch the attention of investors. This Pitch Deck Slide will help you develop and publish a convincing presentation.

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TheBiznesLab™ Pitch Template

At TheBiznesLab™ we strive to take the pain and trouble out of your Business Development and Growth by providing useful resources that can be adapted and used for your convenience. The Pitch Deck Template has been designed to meed the standards expected from Investors when assessing proposals and presentations for funding or investments. Simply enter your details below and we'll send you a unique link to download the file for FREE.
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