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Providing support, opportunities, investments and a viable route to market for Business Founders

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We are the catalyst for Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Business Founders to find new ways to develop and build sustainable businesses, source investment and access a vast wealth of investors and industry networks. We invest more than money.

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Funding Application

Step One

Complete and Submit Your Funding Application in full together with all the necessary required documentation .

Step Two

Application is reviewed internally and submitted to the panel for funding consideration .

Step Three

Applicants are notified of the board decision with any further recommendations.

Our Approach

A Transparent pathway to Funding for Startups

Businesses are invited to submit an application via our website including their pitch deck. There are a number of critical questions we ask that are an important first step in our process. It allows us to get an overview of the business, people, products and services.

Once the form is submitted, we at TheBiznesLab™ receive a profile and a record of the application, allowing us to consider the details and determine it’s match to any of our portfolio categories. This automatically creates a record for our internal dealflow pipeline system. This will then be reviewed and the applicant notified if their application will be progressing to the next stage or not.

Once an application passes the Internal Review process, it will then be passed onto the funding board who will conduct a further review to determine it’s viability and strengths. This process is conducted by our team and the investors in our network. At this stage, members may require further information – deep diving into the business to review the model, opportunities and or identify where it might need strengthening to build a case for possible investment fit.

Successful applications that make it through to this stage will be notified and invited to meet the team (usually via a phone call). This meeting will be with a member of TheBiznesLab™ Team or partner. This meeting is usually to seek further clarification and answers to any questions arising from the internal and Investor Review process. It is also an opportunity to get to know more about the business from the Founders.

This is by no means the end of the interactive process. At this stage, any applicants making it through to the final stage is then invited to present their business to the Network of Investors, hosted by TheBiznesLab™ Team. This usually lasts for about an hour and it’s your opportunity to bring a number of investors to your project. There will be opportunities for a Q&A Session as well as following up with with Founders on any key areas that need further clarification. All applicants/founders will be contacted within seven days from their presentation and those that are unsuccessful will receive feedback to help them identify where things went wrong.

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We are the catalyst for Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Business Founders to find new ways to source investment, develop and build sustainable businesses, local economies and communities whilst taking their companies to the next level.

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