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TheBiznesLab™ Mentoring

As a catalyst for bridging the investment gap for entrepreneurs and business owners to accelerate their business to market, coaching is at the core of our business model and we pride ourselves in giving back through mentoring opportunities to share a wealth of knowledge and advice.

Why Mentoring Works

As an entrepreneur or Business founder, you will have a passion for personal growth, a desire for business or perhaps, have a business idea – and looking for ways to take your ideas/business to the next level. If you are self motivated, hungry for success, believe in your mission and possess the attitude to want to make a difference, then mentoring can help you.

Mentors can impart learning from real life experiences which adds to the knowledge and expertise and contributes to the mentee’s learning and skill development.

A Mentoring relationship (benefiting both mentor & mentee) may be developed over a period of time with each party learning, sharing and exchanging view which informs on discussions to provoke new thinking. Mentors may also facilitate professional networking by introducing mentees to their network or influential individuals within an academic or organisational context.

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Benefits of Mentoring

The inherent “Obtainable” value in mentoring goes way beyond the boundaries of business discourse, and, in most cases, enables the mentee to develop new ways of thinking, learning and fostering new skills as well as the benefits of having a guided listener who shares an interest in you and holds you accountable for your personal and business’ growth.


Mentoring can be immensely valuable to both mentor and mentee. It forms a core part of our value proposition and built into our organisations DNA. All of our coaching programmes are mentor-led and designed to provide support and guide entrepreneurs to be more effective and efficient and avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary processes or building stuff no one wants.

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Roland Gilbertson

Motivating People To Get Results

Business Analyst, Venture Coach & Growth Marketing Consultant specialising in Business Planning, Design, Modelling, Product Development and Digital Marketing – and providing quality deal flow for Equity Investors, Angels and VC’s.

Your Next Big Decision

Over the last five years, I’ve coached some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, Business owners and Founders from varying industry sectors and at various stages of their journey .

As your business coach/mentor, I will help you develop sustainable behaviour change that will empower you to drive your business forward and help you focus on the necessary parts of your business for success and growth. I will also challenge and hold you accountable for setting your own goals and seeing them through.

My expertise in working with investors and relationships with portfolio investors puts me at an advantage when it comes to preparing businesses for Investment opportunities – helping founders, entrepreneurs and business owners create convincing business models and plans backed by validated market data and brand assets/collateral that can be used to demonstrate the business viability, revenue potential and valuable market insights to expose trends and highlight profitability areas for growth.

Feel free to schedule a FREE consultation if you’d like to chat about any or other business related issues.

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We guide you to engineer your business idea and design products and services built to meet market validation criteria in order to remove any barriers to market entry.

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I’m passionate about motivating you to get results

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June 2022
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