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6 Steps to Product Validation

67% of All Businesses Fail Because They Struggle To Find Traction For Growth

One of the most expensive mistakes that Entrepreneurs make is developing products that customers don’t want.

In order to mitigate this risk, most successful businesses have processes in place that are designed to avoid wasting money on ideas that have not met the market validation criteria, and to learn from potentially costly missteps early on in the product development cycle.

As an entrepreneur or business, if you cannot find at least a handful of customers willing to invest in your product idea, it is usually a sign that you will have difficulty finding customers down the road, and should therefore, re-evaluate your business concept and model to ensure it meets the market needs and customer(s) expectation.

Ever wondered why your business is not generating the sales numbers you anticipated?

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The Research and Reasons “Why” Most Businesses Fail.

For most Business Founders, Launching the business is a moment of excitement and brings with it, expectations to prove your vision and finally see your dream in reality.

For some, disappointment soon sets in as you struggle to gain your first customer/client or, perhaps, none after the first handful.

For the most part, whilst plenty of time, money and resources are dedicated to the product/service development process, many forget or spend little time ensuring that the value proposition in incorporated into the customer experience.

This is one of the most prominent reasons for business failures and the second being, running into negative cash-flow and due to lack of market traction. Depending on how much cash your business is burning, you could soon find yourself crashing out in no time.

We see this problem all the time.

In fact, 67% of all new businesses face this problem!

The Offer and What to Expect

Here’s what you will learn

    • Ideation in Product Development

      How to build a seamless and repeatable process for use in product and service development.

    • Concept Development & Screening

      How to build hypothetical strands of the solution model and screen them for iteration or further conceptualisation.

    • Business Case Analysis and installation of a PVIG

      How to create observation maps and build insights into customer pain-points and the opportunities offered through your product or service.

    • Market Research and Product Analysis

      How to conduct a Deep Dive Survey to identify how end users feel about the emotional connectivity with your product and whether it creates empathy within them. This will inform your positioning strategy.

    • Price setting and Iteration

      How to create a positioning point and pricing structure is a critical last step in determining whether the product can compete and whether people are willing to pay for it.

    • Delivering An M.P.V

      How to package a product/service from a positioning point to ensure you have a validated business concept that is underpinned by real research(data) through a PVIG.

We teach you the secrets and stuff they don’t teach you at any business school or business development bootcamps…!

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At TheBiznesLab™, we know what it’s like to invest money, time and resources into developing and building your business, and for most part, almost losing focus of one of the most important key factors to building a sustainable business and making it attractive for investment is a viable business model with a proven revenue stream.

Join us for a FREE Session on Product and Service Validation and get access to the proprietary method we use to help our Clients implement processes that bring clarity to their business models by understanding how to get committed and playing clients and avoid wasting time and money that does not provide any return on their investment.

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