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Investing In A New Breed of Entrepreneurs

Gain access to Mentoring, Coaching and Learn how to Build a Revenue Driven Business Model with Social Responsibility and worthy of Investment.

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July 2024

TheBiznesLab™ Webinars & Masterclasses

We host a variety of Webinars and Masterclasses for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Founders to network, bridge the knowledge gaps and learn from each other. Our events will feature panelists from the world of business and entrepreneurial leadership with a wealth of knowledge and advice.

We look forward to seeing you there…!

A 21st Century Business Consulting Agency

ThinkBiznes™ specialises in Business Models Development, Growth Marketing and Venture Coaching. We help business owners, founders and entrepreneurs develop and execute sound and evidenced strategies built on data insights to help them innovate, grow, drive sales & performance in their businesses.

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Roland Gilbertson

Hi, I’m Roland Gilbertson, and my passion is “Motivating People To Get Results”.

As a Business Analyst, Venture Coach & Growth Marketing Consultant, I specialise in Business Modelling, Product Development and Digital Marketing – working with a select group of investors, (Angels and VC’s) to provide quality deal flow.


Over the last five years, I’ve coached some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, Business owners and teams on a range of business operational topics and at various stages of their business’ cycle.

Why Work With Me

As your business coach/mentor, I will help you develop sustainable behaviour change that will empower you to drive your business forward and help you focus on the necessary parts of your business for success and growth. I will also challenge and hold you accountable for setting your own goals and seeing them through.

I help you engineer your business “idea(s)” to develop and validate products or services that have market traction and can scale to give your business the best chance of success and growth.


As always, whether you’re starting out or growing a business, I can help in several ways, from Venture Coaching, Strategy Development or Marketing for Growth, I can work closely with you and alongside your team to build processes that will impact your business in a positive way and help drive performance and grow your market share.


Over the past few years, I have been supporting many entrepreneurs through VC4A to take their business forward and reach fruition.

The methodology and approach I apply to my coaching practices are underpinned by a purpose and values – “To help Entrepreneurs, Business Founders and Owners, especially, across the African Continent, to;

  • Build products fit-for-market
  • Build businesses that have the integrity and capacity to grow market share and expand into other territories
  • Create Businesses that can compete Globally and make a difference in people’s lives.

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Your Next Big Decision

As an entrepreneur or founder, you will have a passion for personal and business growth, a solid business idea and a clear value proposition your business. You will be self motivated, hungry for success, believe in your mission and possess the attitude to want to make a difference and profits.

“Creating Value” is built into our DNA and our programmes are designed to help and support businesses, founders and entrepreneurs to be more effective and continue  creating value and better customer success journeys.


My expertise in working with investors and relationships with portfolio investors puts me at an advantage when it comes to preparing businesses for Investment opportunities – helping founders, entrepreneurs and business owners create convincing business models and plans backed by validated market data and brand assets/collateral that can be used to demonstrate the business viability, revenue potential and valuable market insights to expose trends and highlight profitability areas for growth.

Feel free to schedule a FREE consultation if you’d like to chat about any or other business related issues.

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Masterclass Sessions and Webinars

Our Masterclass Sessions and Webinars are designed to enhance the interactivity between entrepreneurs.The importance of these “private” sessions also presents opportunities for participants to lean in on the experts with their own case files to shape or validate their understanding.

Investor Readiness

We capture the collective wisdom of venture investors (including angel investors, and venture capitalists) over the past five years, analysed how they make informed decisions and what influences the decision making processes beyond awesome presentations and team credibility.

Understand how comparative data across the business model innovative principles and portfolio analysis plays a part in the decision making process.

6 Steps to Product/Service Validation

One of the most expensive mistakes that Entrepreneurs or businesses make is developing products that customers don’t want.

To mitigate this risk, most successful businesses have developed processes in place that are designed to avoid wasting money on ideas that have not met the market validation criteria, and to learn from potentially costly missteps early on in the product development cycle.

10 Steps - From Idea to Business

Starting a business can be a very rewarding experience, though, it has it’s challenges, however, successful entrepreneurs and business owners focus on validating their business concepts in order to make critical decisions on capital and resource investments.

During the Idea transformation stages, the most prominent ones (that usually make it to the concept stage) are the ones that can be evidenced either through research data and identifiable market opportunities.

Next-generation theme.

Developing Solutions for EntrepreneursBusiness OwnersBusiness Teams

Business Strategy

Product Development

Brand Experiences

Trends and Insights

Content Management

Web, Mobile & App Design & Development

Growth Marketing

Value Selling

Business Development

Digital Marketing

Value Proposition Design

Branding & Identity

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Testimonials and Feedback

Hear from our great community of entrepreneurs, business owners, partners and friends.

Keeping up with the changing needs of our customers demands a consistent adjustment to align with customer expectations. Working with ThinkBiznes, we have developed a valuable process and tool to help us gauge and map out our customer journeys and how best to improve their experiences at every stage of interaction.

Jenny Jones

The fastest response time to my inquiries: Don’t compromise on the reliability of your business partners as it makes a big difference between speed and efficiency. ThinkBiznes as a partner has helped my business develop and sustain a business model fit for the 21st Century – adapting to the needs of the changing needs of our customers with our on-demand service delivery and I recommend their expertise and services.

Ella Dean
CEO, Founder

The most important part of my role is maintaining a communication link between our product development team and our customers. ThinkBiznes was able to help the team understand and apply actionable insights to support the development of new services and potential adaption by the market.

Alex Richmonds

Some of our Clients and Partners

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A Startup Guide to Product Validation
This resource will teach you how to implement a PVIG to enable your Product or Service Development process and  help you avoid building something nobody wants.
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Coaching and Mentoring VC4A

Simple Effective And Proven Strategies For Business Success and Growth

We create a Step-By-Step process to help you drive you engineer your business’ growth and get to market. Let’s talk about how we can help you revolutionise your brand and validate your business – ready for market.

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