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What makes a true entrepreneur?

How to differentiate an Entrepreneur from a Business Owner.

Most business development endeavours can be classified as entrepreneurship. In most circles, entrepreneurship is more about a mind-shift from consumer to producer. The question is, who do you consider a true entrepreneur – bearing in mind they’re both solving a problem.

    1. A product developer
    2. One that helps a product developer become successful
    3. Both

Here’s some context…!

The title Business Owner, says exactly what they do on the tin. They own a business and propagate the cycle of economics and commerce. They create employment and build wealth for themselves and their immediate families. An entrepreneur on the other hand, does similar but help others build wealth whilst doing good and making a difference – not just profits.

  • They think and see the world differently.
  • Where others feel doubt, they have conviction.
  • Where others fear failure, they sense possibilities.
  • Where others lose their minds, they stay focused.

In short, they have the mindset to cultivate anything and sometimes, something out of nothing.


They are the curious problem solvers that get told to shut up and sit still for bring disruptive. Well, think out it…all true entrepreneurs have in some way, disrupted industries.

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